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“You are actually constructing… what your head understood about what your eyes saw.” – Doris McCarthy

Delighting through the natural ambiance of landscapes and materials, East End Building company’s approach to Hamptons development is to create a “song” that remains in the listeners ears. The fusion of their nature-provoked ideology and custom building practices leaves an indelible mark on the townships’ enriched heritage.

Founder Michael Crocitto voices, “We construct with a process. Prior to making plans, we survey a property; we live the property, we listen to its native surroundings and we immerse ourselves in being one with its environment. We don’t want a home to be in an area, we want it to be part of a community. We are the storytellers of its timeless existence.”

Cultivating an experienced team of architects, design experts, and master craftsman they harmonize the integration between personal custom characteristics and conceptual aspects making a personal connection between the client and the property. “It’s always a work in progress. The true magic begins when something starts to unfold. Recognizing that human beings are part of nature, there are three fundamental energies that govern our inner and outer environments. These are movement, transformation and structure. It’s the architect and designer that bring it to fruition, it’s the builder that brings it to life. One can only ask, what if a roof could talk? We apply living and breathing textures to epitomize a spirit with a concentration on form and function, disseminating style and the desired needs of the client. It’s all of these components that  allow our senses to play into a higher level of spirituality,” shares Crocitto.

The company’s philosophy has a direct effect on how they see growth in the Hamptons market. The overall objective is about instigating a positive impact through environmental consciousness and integrating that awareness through a deeper sense of community.

“Existing properties are redeeming properties” – MC

Their referral-based clientele is not of the impulse buyer, rather it’s the client who looks beyond the box and feels a greater sense of belonging to home.

Look into the greater beyond with East End Building Company