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The Virtu of ITALKRAFT

Aligning with the industry’s most influential architects and developers on projects throughout the United States and Latin America in numerous towering hotels, condominiums and private residences, ItalKraft‘s conscionable mission is to bring a European appeal to the assiduous client; withstanding ecological preservation of intoxicating woods and raw materials into living and feeling environments.

Among its canon of customized wall interiors; doors, bathroom, kitchen, and closet cabinetry, ItalKraft is synonymous for mastering the dramatic blend of diversified tactile and spatial application that lays at the intersection of art and architecture, enhancing the beauty of a space that becomes uniquely your own in a palpable expressive.

Their ability to source materials that aren’t readily available to others in the industry for one to three years has steered the course of revolutionizing responsible practices that emphasize a sustainable culture of  “green design” and how that tailors to the aesthetic of your lifestyle. It’s the prolific compositions of  their creative consciousness that gives them International prestige beyond furniture creation and sharpens the larger understanding of  ‘human luxury’.

Partner, Raul Gutierrez connotes, “The DNA of the ItalKraft brand philosophy is our corporate responsibility to preserve and protect our planet’s natural resources. We are aware and sensitive to the need of maintaining environmental balance. For over 10 years, our meticulous disciplines of operations are well thought out from the materials we source to the way in which we pack and ship our products. What so many people don’t realize is how renewable manufacturing affects the expansion throughout the marketplace. Not only do we have the ability to rapidly proliferate into new markets with ease, but our approach to exceeding the highest quality and most stringent levels of industry standards throughout every market allows us to size without altering the quality of materials with minimum impact of formaldehyde emissions to our ecosystem. The ItalKraft promise and commitment to our consumer is to provide Italian-based timeless luxury without negligence.”

More than the selection of goods, their pillar of design mimics nature with distinct curves and flowing lines that maximize a space with functionality and ELEVATE the mind-body-spirit connection in a warmth of colors and textures. From closets wrapped in alligator leathers, to kitchens in exotic woods with amazing grains and bookmatched glass shelving and doors that transcend you to urban landscapes, they work with the client from inception to completion of a project to acclimatize the space’s importance.

“What’s the point of having an artistic kitchen if it doesn’t meet the needs of your family? Or an artistic closet without space optimization for shoes? We are adept in resourcing superlative textiles one would never imagine to characterize the visual, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology in machinery with skilled craftsman makes the instillation process seamless. Our ultimate focus is to acutely attune to the unique needs of each client with function being the turnkey of the design aspect”, shares Raul.

The  odyssey in which ItalKraft is embarking reflects a collective voice, transforming an industry that was once completely utilitarian into a virtuosity that is the epitome of elegance, class and sophistication. With three new ventures underway, their brand extension is the root to the new lifestyle and the movement of today’s cosmopolite.

The preeminent design house of Yoo design group(yoo.com) based out of the U.K., is instrumental in designing hotels and residences throughout the world. A creative alliance in place between ItalKraft and Yoo is an unequivocal match that will service a culture with a shared ideology. ItalKraft will manufacture kitchens, bathrooms, and closets for their projects worldwide, along with launching Yoo by ItalKraft for residential projects. Marco P. Nijhof, Chief Executive Officer of Yoo hotels expressed,” The more personal a design, the more interesting it is for those participating in it.”

Another collective is the partnership between Internationally acclaimed fashion designers to design an ItalKraft closet collection. “Who wouldn’t want the perfect showcase for their clothing and accessories?”- Marketing Director, Carolina Moura Gutierrez

With their headquarters in Miami and showrooms located throughout South Florida and in Panama, ItalKraft is launching its new gallery in New York City in Spring of 2017. Raul adds, “It will truly be a designers heaven in a unique salon setting with the latest captivating concepts and materials.” They will further explore the use of radically different textiles and  textures that push the boundaries, expanding its FF&E arena, (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)offering an exciting assortment of products in the four hotels they are working on in the U.S. and Mexico with a complete outfit ranging from vanities, closets, bed lamps and side tables.

ItalKraft – Nurture your spaces in the heart of beauty