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“Let the design follow the flows and be flexible and adaptable”- David Pearson

A Hamptons & NYC based idea-oriented architectural firm that achieves the elements of nature to mellifluously integrate into human habitation, the boundless imagination of Bates + Masi is a kinship between life force and creation, promoting the flow of a unified aesthetic that enhances the dialogue between the environment and the space with a keen eye for the contemporary. World renowned for their craftsmanship and deeply rooted design disciplines, their ambitious projects carry the wholeness of the property conveying the attention to customized detail that integrate the thoughts of their clients pragmatic desires in an organic art form.

We share an inside look on their current ventures…


Nature’s ballad of emotions gently envelops the space with the softness of color palettes, height of windows and wood work creating memorable experiences of a lifetime.


The mix of loosely grouped evergreens and deciduous trees “define the characteristics” of the property. Just as the trees, the grouping of spaces become a portamento, each with its own interlude that glides in union. “The ever-changing colors in bloom become a destination” – Paul Masi


The conceptual residential design of the property was to “volumize and intimize”. A farmhouse organically connected by a courtyard creating a connection for an extended family, yet tying off the house in small counterparts for privacy. The eye carries you to the heightened, vertical board wood planks setting the mood for comfort.


Growing out of the continuous space, an architectural garden of  “basement” bedrock from the entrance way into the living area and back into nature serves as a frame to emphasize the detail of lines, creating mystery and opulence to the depth of the property.  Excavating the stone out of the landscape, beauty unfolds “like a seed within”.


“How do you breathe new life into a 19th century historical landmark and turn it into a residential space? By stripping its repaired layers to uncover the truth, its bones-keeping its sacred sensibilities. It was an archaeological experiment that found hidden gems within its walls. The abnormalities of its trusses illustrates history and recounts the craftsmanship of the shipwrights who helped to construct the Methodist Church in 1836. You can walk the line of its character through the living space where we kept the exposed beams and attached a piece of steel to hold up its structural integrity.  Our aim is to preserve a piece of history that has been instilled in the community and give it a new-founded life.” – Paul Masi