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Scottie Speaks

NBA superstar Scottie Pippen finally opens up about his life on and off the court in a new autobiography.

Scottie Pippen isn’t one to slow down. Despite retiring from his basketball career in the aughts, spent most notably with the Nineties-era Chicago Bulls, the six-time NBA champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist and Hall of Famer has been taking a “why not” approach to new business ventures. This year alone Pippen introduced his own bourbon and superfood popcorn brands, called Digits and Husk respectively, while penning an autobiography due mid-November in time for holiday gift giving.

Titled “Unguarded” and published by Simon & Schuster, the memoir covers his greatest highs and lows starting with his underprivileged childhood growing up the youngest of 12 children in rural Arkansas. The collegiate dark horse shot from the middle of nowhere to his adopted hometown of Chicago, when he ranked fifth in the 1987 NBA draft. Since Pippen’s known to be understated—the type that remains in the shadow, most famously that of his teammate and score machine Michael Jordan—the book’s rare insight will be the first time that fans will hear his side of the story. His publisher said he’ll touch on topics like how he didn’t receive his due respect from the media and Bulls’ management and what it’s like to be labeled a sidekick to the sport’s greatest player. Beyond dealing with Jordan on a day-to-day basis, he comments on Bulls’ coach Phil Jackson and NBA players like Isiah Thomas, whom he despises.

Juicy details in the world of sports will make this a page-turner, but Pippen has also had a rough go lately in his personal life. His divorce from his second wife and the mother of four of his seven children was finalized this year, and his eldest child, a son named Antron from his first marriage, passed away unexpectedly in April. One wonders how Pippen can fit it all into one read. A follow-up just might be in order.