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Non-fungible tokens have taken the mainstream art world by storm achieving record setting numbers. As of January 10, 2022 the Open Sea trading platform eclipsed a total trading volume of $2B. Blockchain technology has empowered buyers and artists around the world with proof of authenticity and ownership of their digital assets through NFTs. Creating an entirely new marketplace for art.

Entrepreneur Jon Davis is launching The Cleopatra Club. A members only social club in New York where membership is purchased as an NFT. Providing never before seen real world utility for their holders, converting a typical membership into an asset.

He was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss his project.

“Back in 2016, I had the pleasure of attending a lunch meeting at the Arts Club in London. I’ll never forget the experience of being in that environment. NFTs have now enabled the integration of business and digital art. Collectively working together to provide consumers with a new type of experience. Creating something that people want to be apart of is the ultimate goal of The Cleopatra Club” says Davis. “I want athletes and entertainers mixing with doctors and finance. It’s all about bringing these people together in ways never thought imaginable. Providing a meeting place and forum to work, relax and share ideas with like minded individuals. NFTs have set forth a new framework for engaging such a type of community for a private club. My vision is to still follow the traditional model but to expand on it with turning residential properties into retreats for our members, as well as providing unmatched VIP experiences”.

Cleopatra Club Member Passes are being sold exclusively as NFTs on the Open Sea Platform. Buying an NFT will grant holders access to everything the Cleopatra Club has to offer. There are no recurring fees as each NFT guarantees you a membership for life. The first round of utilities will be ready to launch July 4th 2022.

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